Merchandise Manager

We are a rapidly expanding global company. Our team is committed to continuous improvement to meet the needs of our customers and sustain our standing in the market, we are looking for Remote Merchandise Managers.


  • Strategizing, overseeing, and improving the organization's inventory selection.
  • Analyzing the industry and opponents to identify patterns and client desires.
  • Controlling stock and stock of items.
  • Developing pricing strategy and participating in marketing and marketing campaigns.


  • Excellent analytic and organizing skills.
  • Knowledge of the industry and competitive scene.
  • Communication skills and capability to work together.
  • Motivation to accomplish results and improve performance.
  • Mastery in English.


  • Opportunities for professional growth and advancement.
  • Availability to training programs and resources for professional development.
  • Competitive salary based on your experience and skills.
  • Chances for bonuses and bonuses based on achievement of goals and performance.
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